Saturday, July 28, 2012

 This summer when the boys were visiting their mother in Arizona we were trying to think of fun things to do. John and I have never gone to the OC fair so we decided to take Marley. It was insane I have grown up in a lot small towns and when I think the word fair I picture toothless Carney’s and rusted rides. The biggest attraction we ever had was The Zipper, I am not sure if it’s the same name everywhere but it’s the caged Ferris Wheel that spins all the way around.  Most of your fears from riding it was not that you were upside down but that one of the bolts was going to loosen and you were going to fall to your death. This fair was every single fair I have ever been to in my life x2 it was so ridiculously large and overwhelming. It was hard to focus. I will admit as far as rides and games of chance go it was not anything unique all the typical things you would find but the amount was over the top. I did see new things I have personally not experienced before such as chocolate covered bacon and deep fried frog legs maybe frog legs in the south but never in Southern California.
Marley had a great time there were tons of kid rides and games and Marley had a lucky strike and won 3 games. She won the water gun game with her dad and got a Hello Kitty plush toy as a prize. John and I kept trying to figure out how we can come back with the boys or maybe take all the kids to the LA Fair in September and how we could afford it. I wish of course just like anything is was a bit cheaper but I think it was well worth it. I remember all the times I did fun things like this growing up and I hope Marley will have our fair trip in her memory as well. I brought my camera and shot these photos to share.

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