Wednesday, July 4, 2012
I wouldn't necessarily say I have been (missing in action) I think that (in action) is the correct term for the past two weeks I have not had much chance to relax and post. My friend Pam was in town which was awesome I miss having her close by I enjoy when I have visitors it gets me out of my normal bubble and explore more of LA which is always fun and interesting you never know what you will see.
Beside P being here I had that HUGE job that was 3 days of shooting 8-10 hours a day luckily I had Pam here to help which was super rad of her. I am still unfortunately have not finished job because I am still working on edits. I logged in probably about 9 hours of photo editing yesterday and still have about 200+ photos to go through. They dont need major editing done just straightening and I have to clone out a few markers on the dress forms. Its tedious work and I will be happy when its done. Get back to normal I have not been able to surf much and I am missing that part of my schedule. Since I had shot over 1,000 photos I have not picked up my camera just instagram. here are some from the past weeks...Take care and Happy Fourth of July....


mars party




best fish tacos

Getting ready for my old pal Joe

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