Marley File part II

Saturday, July 14, 2012
More of Marley's awesome shots she has taken with her Fisher Price digital camera she went into the garden with John a few days ago and said that she took pictures of our garden and that I would love them. She also ask me to put them on the computer she is so cute. 
The past few days I have been sick which has been a bummer especially because my sister Mary invited Mars over for a sleepover and John and I were alone! Like no kids alone...a very rare occasion. What we wanted to do is go surfing but there has been barely any swell we headed to Malibu I caught one wave and then the wind picked up and it literally shut down. Then the next morning we headed south and settled for Bolsa Chica since we had Otto with us. I got one decent left with a nice spray out the back the whole 2 hours I was out there. It was shifty and you really had to be in the right spot for a corner slice of the south swells that would show every 20 minutes. But Otto had a blast he went crazy running in circle on the beach, met a cute little femme Pug and decided to mark my surfboard as his territory.
We ate breakfast at Crema Cafe in Seal Beach John was not to thrilled he is hard to please when it comes to breakfast come to think of it I can only think of one place he will go and that's Tomboys for their breakfast burrito everything else is either to fu fu or too much of a scene. He is picky but I admire his honesty and shear I don’t give a #$%^ attitude. I had their most popular item it was a mixture of egg, cheese, potatoes, chorizo, avocado and sour cream all stuffed into a crepe it was good but since avocado makes me sick and have to leave it out of everything I eat I felt like that missing ingredient probably made it much better. 

without further ado here are Marley’s photos..

Have a great weekend everyone....................

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