Last day

Sunday, August 19, 2012


In Mammoth then we will be off through the mountains towards San Jose skatepark. Today we stopped by the Volcom Skatepark for an early session before the crowd I even rolled around. Got a couple great photos of the boys skating cant went to get home to upload them.
After our skate we had a nice breakfast and then I packed lunch and snacks for the lake. We rented a sup[stand up paddle} and had such a blast at Georges lake the water was a bit cool but so clear and the mountains surrounding us was breathtaking. I convinced Marley to sit on the front of the sup and i paddled her all the way to the other side where we found a nice little sandy beach. Right before leaving our little sandy beach a deer came out on the beach right in front of us. Micah and Tyler did some catch and release fishing. It was a great end to mammoth we will definitely be back.

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