Road trip

Friday, August 17, 2012


Last trip of the summer John wanted to have a nice family vacation with the whole family. It seems the boys were gone alot. Off on several summer trips with cousins.
So here we are waking up in a lovely condo in Mammoth Lakes. We got in yesterday in the late afternoon we had enough time to unload our bags out of our awesome van rental. I love renting a big van with rows of seats its so much more comfortable especially when you have a family like mine. The van is packed with skateboards, bikes, fishing poles and surfboards. The trip does not end here we will be driving through Yosemite to the coast to find waves.
After we settled in our condo we picked a chinese food place to eat dinner it was alright I would call it mountain version chinese. :) Afterwards we stop by the skatepark we have not been here in 5-6 years when they had just opened it. It looks the same very well kept. Everybody scattered around the park while mar and myself worked on her scooter skills but what she enjoyed the most was butt skateboarding. I took a few tandem runs with her and she was off doing it on her own.
Todays plans involve fishing, hiking and swimming I am so excited hope everyone has a great day to.

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