Vacation Photos part 1

Thursday, August 23, 2012
here are some stand outs from our recent trip we had lots of fun and a few bumps in the road of course (we are not perfect) I think traveling with teenagers is something you need to mentally prepare for but all went well John was determined to have a great family vacation and I think that all the crazy in the car and unplanned issues is part of the adventure. 

 I took this halfway through our hike it was in the middle of the day hiking down the trail with Otto a lunch cooler and Marley who is the slowest little human. We were all hot sweaty and dusty when these horses passed us. I wanted to commandeer one these horses so badly.

 Otto was so funny he just about quit a few times on the way back he would take a few steps and lay down. We had to carry him as well.

 After hike ice cream

 Those little tree stumps were really nice to sit and rest on until I realized I had gotten sap on my shorts 

She did it we might have had to carry her once or twice on the hike but she made it.

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barbara said...

great pictures, i love and miss you all...

vania francesca said...

We miss you hopefully NC for the next big family trip

Andrea D said...

Otto is so adorable! If we hike with our puggles, they do the same exact thing - lie down and relax midway through :)
Beautiful photos...looks like a great time!