Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thursday was the beginning of our weekend we decided to head south for some sliders at Sano..we seem to be having the same surf report in the South Bay for the past 3 weeks 1-2 fair. San Onofre was just what we needed we took turns surfing until the tide was to high. Afterwards we went to grab breakfast at the Sugar Shack John was claiming really good oatmeal so I went along. No oatmeal though so we both got heart attack greasy breakfast instead which lived in my stomach the rest of the day. John and I decided to make it a full day and stop by the US Open in Huntington Beach for the longboarding heats as well I got to see Alex Knost make the best of what was out there he is so talented.

Friday I got around to deep cleaning my new thrifted green pot..oooo I love it

Saturday John went skateboarding so Mar and me had a home day my sister emailed me a new banana bread recipe so I tried it and it came out oh so yummy..

Sunday was awesome we went to the last concert in the park with chairs blankets and yummy snacks. We met up with one of Marley’s friend from summer school they were hula hooping and just having a blast. I got to have a conversation with adults that was great to.

On Monday John realized he left his work phone in his friend’s car from his Saturday surf/skate trip. His friend lives way out in Eagle Rock so it’s a bit of a drive well that is my standard a 20 minute drive if there is no traffic. Marley woke up and must have had pony dreams because she came out from the bedroom with her awesome morning hair and said I want to ride horses. John remembered that Griffith Park which is very close to where we were going have Pony rides and a train track we went a long time ago for Marley’s 2nd birthday. John decided to invite us along and see if we can get a pony ride or two for Marley she was so excited but when we arrived there were no pony’s L Monday is there day off. Marley took it so well she just kept saying its ok its ok. We did stop and let her go on the train once so not all was lost and she had fun I was surprised how well she took the disappointment I am proud of her. She is growing up

Hope your weekend was great to have a good week :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, the girl looks really cute:)


vania francesca said...

Awe thank :)