Wednesday, September 26, 2012
been thinking about giving my blog an overhaul.  I am trying to decide what this blog is for me now I know what it use to be. It use to be a great way to get my feelings out about my brain tumor and then my actual brain surgery and then sharing my pictures of course. But my brain tumor is gone thank goodness and now I feel the need to take another turn with this blog I just dont know what yet. Should I write more about surfing, or sewing, photography, cooking? OK maybe not cooking lets not go there. :) or should I delete and start fresh?
So that's why I have not been posting much lately I dont want to force posts I want them to be genuine and real. I have no sponsors and I am not getting paid to write. I just want to write plus my grammar sucks no one should pay me...they should pay me to stop hahah! But this my life shitty grammar, raising kids and playing hooky to go surfing. So I have a few things to figure out and hopefully I will be updating or changing my blog soon. Most of you know me so I am totally up suggestions if you have any.....V

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