Monday, September 10, 2012
So here is the thing I really want to go to The Rose Bowl Flea Market but I seem to always miss it. Not this Sunday I woke up checked the calendar and got excited woo hoo 2nd Sunday of the month!
 Marley is not a big fan of walking for long periods of time I am remembering our Mammoth hike and how John and I had to carry her on the way back. But I feel that she needs to get use to it and eventually when her little legs are taller she will love to walk, hike and adventure seek with mama. We did have a great time it was just HOT and that slowed both of us down. We didn't make it all the way around there was so many vendors even without Marley I don’t think I could have seen everything. So of course I will be planning my return and will be so excited to go back. Marley found my little pony horse carrier with a couple ponies inside. She used her charm and got it all for $4. We found her the dress in the picture below in a $2 bin. Mama got some shoes and that Brownie Camera Marley is holding in the picture. The best part was probably coming home jumping in our little pool and pouring a glass of ice water for us.
It was a great weekend.

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