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Monday, October 1, 2012
  fone fotos:

Miss Mars has been sick she has been super bummed she miss school on Thursday and Friday. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone cry because she could not go to school. She loves Kindergarten and I am so happy for her. She seemed to start feeling better on Friday so we said maybe we can go down the beach for awhile but her fever crept back up she was so sad and I felt terrible she had her bags packed up and ready to go on her bike.

I might of squeezed in a Malibu trip between Friday night and Saturday morning :)

Marley felt so much better on Saturday so we ended up have a family day at the beach on Saturday which was needed. The weather was lovely and collecting shells and seaweed covered rock with Marley was the highlight. Micah surfed most of the time and then left for an hour and came back and surfed some more. He is in his own little 16 year old world unfortunately for us we are not included.I hope that one day that will change. I paddled out with Tyler I let him use my shortboard and tried to help him get into some waves. I dont think he has actually caught a wave yet on a surfboard so he is a little intimidated and he is not fully committing  But I told him to not hesitate because holding back will increase you chances of injuries. Hey if you fall you fall. I told him to ask anyone at the pier how much I fall hahah. I feel that maybe he should body board longer really work on his duck dives and wave knowledge but he is 13 and hey what do I know right...
I try to remind him I body boarded for 3-4 years before I surfed and I loved it and kind of miss it sometimes. I even got to BB in Maui and trust me I was a way better and charged harder than I do at surfing.

I took this for my friend Rachel she is a Trader Joes shopper now so you have to try Ak-Mak and Blueberry goat cheese..yum 

alas Sunday.. I got my car fixed it needed a new master cylinder so since it was in my brother shopped for repair we ask him to replace the motor mounts as well. The car is running good but when we got it back my shifter was tilted way over to the right so I might need to bug him again to see if he can center it.  Sunday I went to visit my home girl sister in law Mary we took a walk down to South Redondo and had a few drinks . It was just what we needed. It can be so stressful trying to keep my cool with argumentative teenagers a sick 5 year old the constant flow of strangers coming to look at my house to maybe buy it and kick us out. Looking for a part-time job and kicking my broken washing machine. We split this last drink that's why it looks so foamy. It was so good though Mary took me to this place and their beer is served ICE cold. 

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Rachel Bonnegrace said...

So I totally bought some of that Blueberry Goat Cheese...delicious