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Thursday, November 8, 2012
Almost there it seems as soon as I have stuff put away and organized Marley my Tasmanian devil comes out and causes chaos. Which I get I mean I have been so wrapped up in unpacking I have not had much quality time with her. Soon enough I will be caught up with the unpacking and I will take her somewhere fun. For now I will scratch my hurt head (I slammed it into the freezer door yesterday) on why my rug wont stay still. Pick up Marley's backpack from every room in the house and somehow find places for all those surfboards with no garage.

rug on carpet sucks I miss my redwood floor

Halloween is my favorite when I was a kid I felt like it was the only day I can dress however I really wanted to dress. 
Marley was Carmen Miranda this year I wish I could say I spent tons of time on her outfit but unfortunately this year with the move it was more like stay up the night before till 11:30 trying to find a hot glue gun in a tower of boxes. I did it though I found the glue gun and made her a bonnet type hat for her fruit its not the best thing I ever made but to me it was a miracle the fruit stayed on.

 Trying to get a group shot together for the parents.

and lastly I took this photo of me in my old driveway of the house on Walnut. I am sad, hopeful, stressed, tired, burned out and under surfed. I keep waiting for things to go back to normal but I think this is my normal and just need to come to terms with that. 

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