Lucky girl

Sunday, April 7, 2013
 I am a lucky girl John wanted to take Micah, Tyler and Marley skateboarding and he gave me the free pass to go do what I wanted. (yay for me) I decided I REALLY wanted to go to the cove it is one of my favorite places to surf and it is a bit of a mission to get the whole family packed up to go. So when the opportunity comes to go by myself I go for it. I was hoping that the wind was going to be on it and I was checking all the trees and flag poles I passed by on the way looking for the slightest bit of wind. When I got closer I had decided that if it didn't look good I was just going to turn around and go skateboarding with the family.
 As soon as I got to there a space opened up right at the opening of the trail. I made small talk with a surfer who said the water was warming up I brought my spring suit so it was on. I grabbed my stuff and balanced my board down the trail. I have a bit of a ritual to take a few pictures with my phone on the way down. So these are my phone photos. I had such a great surf with a few solid sets that came through and I felt there was a great rotation going. Everyone was getting waves and everyone like usual had a smile on there face and friendly. 
My kind of place.

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