Thursday, July 25, 2013
I am alive.....ha sometimes I fall off the face of the Earth or it feels like that. Since I have not posted on here in awhile my excuse? Well not feeling creative, not feeling the pull to pick up my camera and a hint of Northern California Vania. I will explain..
When I lived in Smith River I was away from everything 5 mile to the store 28 mile drive to "town" where I went to school. I lived there about 5-6 years. All I had was the beach, the mountains and I was lucky enough to have two friends walking distance away. But don’t stay there after dark because walking home on a back road with no street lights would freak me out. I am still scared of the dark :).

So I recently took a trip up to My friend Pam and Aaron's they live in the east bay of San Francisco. The occasion was their birthday celebration. I had to make it I rented a compact car which happened to be a Fiat so heads up...if you choose compact they really mean compact these days. 
The party was great and Pam had invited a couple people we went to High School with back in Crescent City ha. It was a little reunion and it was so great to see them. We talked all night it was so nice to have a conversation with someone you can relate to since we all did "time" in CC. The isolation of living in the middle of nowhere and how is it to function in a big city. Most live outside the city but missed it Northern California and one of my friend’s even plans on eventually moving back up. I feel like when you grow up in the area that we did you hunger for that solitude eventually. Maybe Peacefulness is a better word.
 I still feel I am my most creative when I am left by myself. I slip away and keep to myself. A lot of my friends from Los Angeles don’t really understand this but it’s nothing to do with them. I just need my space and I am completely content with just being by myself. Moving so much in my young life has taught me to be ok with it. It’s almost like I have to take a step back and really absorb what’s going on around me my mind can kind of hold me back until I do so.
All this reflecting has just made me miss it so much more not for the town or the people but for the Beaches, Mountains and River. If you’re not familiar with the area..

Think old growth redwoods
Cleanest River etcs..

I really wanted to get up there this year but we are kind of planing a secret surf trip right now tell you more soon..V 

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