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Friday, September 27, 2013
CostaRica 003a

CostaRica 007a

CostaRica 014a

CostaRica 024a

CostaRica 034a

CostaRica 065Avfp

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Costa Rica
CostaRica 152b

Just a few from my recent trip to Costa Rica. I had a very good time where we stayed was a dream a unbelievable 4 bedroom house it was amazing I think I could stay down there for months at a time. I look forward to going back hopefully with the whole family. I would love to travel with my kids and give them that life experience really show them how much more is out there.
 Things I miss most in Costa Rica:
The waves (of course)
The fresh fruit
the empty beaches
The thick humid air
The rainy afternoons
The lizard family that ran on top of the water in our pool every morning.

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