what to bring

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Here are some of the essentials but if I added anymore to the picture you probably wouldn't look as cute so here is my list:
1.      Passport
2.      Cash..I like to split up my money don’t carry all of it in your wallet.
3.      Board bag
4.      Surfboard(s) strip off old wax especially if you’re going somewhere tropical
5.      Towel can also be good for extra cushion in your board bag
6.      Sunscreen and chap stick make sure its SPF.
7.      Bug spray!!!
8.      Swimsuits
9.      Rash guard
10.   Conditioner put it in a Ziploc and pack it in your board bag unless your checking your luggage
11.   Wide tooth comb for after surf detangle session
12.   First aid kit
13.   Eye drops
14.   Camera, memory card, charger all your electronics including any outlet converter
15.   Sunglasses
16.   Hat(s) I am addicted to hats
17.   Basic Toiletries
18.   Sandals
19.   Walking around shoes, trail blazing, hiking, exploring I am bring some old Nike's
20.   Lotion & Aloe Vera
21.   Advil
22.   Headphones

I am going for 8 days so I for clothes I packed
4 shorts
1 skirt
3 dresses
3 shirts/5 tank tops
2 lounge stretchy shorts
1 Rain jacket
2 pairs of socks
1 scarf aka airplane blanket
4 bathing suit bottoms & bottoms and 2 board shorts
so this is for a trip where I will mainly be surfing and in the water I don't really care to much about fashion on trips such as these. My main concern is being safe and comfortable.
what do you bring?

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