Photos of the week:

Thursday, November 7, 2013
sitting in the parking lot
waiting for any hint of whitewash 
High tide beach break
beautiful weather, light winds..
just no swell

Eating burritos
 searching for waves
finding city markings
this towns got soul
please stop building CVS orange county mall islands :( 

Had to see it for myself 
tide not low enough
awaiting magical days here
not the biggest days when everyone shows up
the days when people don't think to check it
when a handful of people are sharing

more things to shoot in parking lots
still running strong my sweet little wagon
I wish I wouldn't frustrate you LA drivers
I know I am not fast but I am safe

I have a pile of paperwork a house to clean and laundry
back up the hill
to reality
goodbye big blue 
I will see you soon.

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