Thursday, March 20, 2014
The weather has been great in LA lately I feel truly blessed and stoked to be here. I feel like my heart is still Northern California but this summer there may be a trip in the works I am so excited. Things in our household but now that I have a new job I feel like the "system" or lack thereof is not a smooth running. I feel that I haven't taken the time to organize a schedule my excuse well...the waves have been really fun so instead of coming straight home I have been trying to squeeze a surf in. Sorry house but you will still be there for me to clean up.
Peter a friend from the pier and fellow blogger took this picture of me. I love it because it doesn't show the probably hilarious look I tend to always have when I am surfing.
I have been dreaming of what my new board should look like and I really like this mint color. My opinions and wants in a longboard have changed I always remember thinking that If and when I ever had the chance to get a custom board made I wanted a glassed in fin. And now I am thinking I want just a box so in the future I have the option to travel with it.
I have been wearing my short Patagonia wetsuit as of late the water has been so warm I can’t believe how warm the water is and its only March. The only problem is that there is going to be a point wear wearing a wetsuit is going to be to much. This is something I dread because I seem to struggle on finding a suit that is actually going to stay on when I’m surfing most suits are made for looking cute. I need something a little more practical fortunately women’s surfing is much more popular these days and every brand is coming out with a line of surf friendly suits. I have tried a few and some are not as functional as they seem unfortunately. I did find some super cute bottoms that COVER and they are my favorite so far they are from Seea. They have these super cute one piece with long sleeves perfect for covering up my tattoos from the sun. Not to mention how rad this brand is..

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