Its that time again

Friday, February 20, 2015



This post has been unfinished for the past week so I thought I would finish it today. I have been trying to get down to a more healthier weight lately. Making it a positive experience is going to be important and I need to keep reminding myself why and that is simple I want to be the best version of me strong, healthy and have more energy. Old habits die hard I grew up in a different time where one scoop was always two scoops of food to my spanish mother. I have struggled with weight half my life and I will for the rest of my life and I know this. I can not get crazy and eat a bunch of ice cream and get away with it.  And as I get older its definitely getting harder and I find that everything that I knew about eating is wrong and everything is constantly changing as far as what is good for you and whats bad it is hard to keep up.  Of course eating fresh whole foods are always the way to go but being a mother with 2 teenage boys with hollow legs and a picky 7 years old eater can be challenging as well as costly. 

So recently I started to use my fitness pal again and it really made me realize why I am not losing weight I started to restrict to 1850 calories a day which was HARD and felt hungry most of the time. I started to get use to the amount but this past week I have failed and have had a few days I could have done much better. This is the part where I decide I give up and I will not this time. This has to stop and I need my healthy foods to be part of my everyday life because I do feel so much better when I eat clean. For now I have to continue on to be happy with the small progress I have made as well as appreciate that I am not sick and still continue to work harder on myself. 

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