Volvo Love

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I love my Volvo its a little (a lot) worn down it needs a few cosmetic fixes but its such a great car. Its been so good to me its has not let me down yet. There is something special about this car it may be the memories that come up my sister Carina and I cruising around LA in her Volvo. She had a green one like split pea soup green it was a manual as well. I remember having to push it a few times to get it kick started and it would sometimes backfire but it was awesome and I would beg her to drive me around the city aimlessly for fun.
Usually when someone talks to me about my station wagon they have a great Volvo story. Either it was the car they grew up with or it was there very first car etc... I love hearing everyone's story.  One of my most favorite things about my Volvo is how I can fit a bunch of stuff in it. Its my beach cruiser and I have squeezed 2 10 foot longboards and a short board inside its kind of magic. Another perk believe it or not is the speed it goes it can go about 65ish on the freeway if I push it but I avoid the freeway as much as possible it likes to go 25-45 mph. At first it was hard to get use to that when everyone wants to go 15 miles over the speed limit but I have learned to stay in the slow lane and just cruise enjoy the scenery and enjoy the moment.

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