Wednesday, September 2, 2015


waiting for the push

So excited for fall I love wearing all the layers, wetsuits, foggy mornings and uncrowded lineups of course.
A lot is happening I quit my part time job to dedicate myself to our plumbing company. I stopped eating grain, bread, noodles basically everything I love it’s been 5 days so far and I’m feeling good. I start a 6 week cross fit program later on this month. I am expected to eat a paleo based diet the entire time so I am getting a head start. 
I have some goals but at the moment whats most important is being strong for winter swells and overall self love and happiness.
Marley is in 3rd grade and so far she is doing well. Unfortunately she is going through what we all go through as far as friendships to nurture and friendships to rethink. Yes already! She is so kind and she is trying to find her voice in her relationships right now. We are working on it.

Tyler is in 12 grade yes a senior holy $h1t! I cannot believe it he is seventeen in November and oh magawd  he is soooo seventeen it’s hard not to make fun of his teenage tendencies. 

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