Routine/ surf

Saturday, October 3, 2015
6:00 am first wake-up call john rustling around getting ready for work.
6:30 kind of awake so comfortable 5 more minutes assess any damage (aches and pains in my body)
7:00 brew coffee and start waking up Marley with no luck
7:30 drag Marley out of bed and feed her breakfast
8:00 Finish making her lunch, make sure her teeth are brushed and get her shoes on.
8:05 Pace around the house looking for my keys
8:10 Start the Volvo lug out a board or two and squeeze Marley in the back seat.
8:15 drive mars to school. hugs and kisses..
8:25 music on and commence a meditative state for the rest of my morning routine...
Turning left on Mar vista and checking the smoke stacks for the wind direction, thanking my lucky stars I'm on the opposite side of commuter traffic. Crossing my fingers for my normal parking spot and finishing off the rest of my coffee while I put on my seea suit and search for a small sliver of wax in my trunk.

WAX on my lens

My mess^^^^

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