Back to basics

Thursday, February 25, 2016

printer scans/ 120 Kodak Porta 


fuji 35mm 400
quintessential south bay bike ride

Wave check
Some scans using a printer scanner they dont come up as clear unfortunately and that makes me want to look into getting a negative scanner but that will have to wait but seriously if I could I would but one.

A big week coming up Im packing up for a radical family roadtrip up the coast. My lil sis is getting married in Big Sur. So excited I am bringing along my Nikon D610 and the Mamiya RB67 stocked up on film and even rented a sturdy tripod. I am not photographing my sisters wedding since I will be in it. So I can enjoy myself and take a few photos for fun. Im hoping to take some landscapes I got a roll of ektar and I am very interested what is going to happen.

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