Friday, June 17, 2016
I am taking intro darkroom for black and white photography. Even though its been over a decade since I have stepped into a darkroom It all came back to me the smell of the development, orange safe lights I felt like I was reminiscing my 19 year old self spending a lot of time in its dark space. Last weeks class I developed my first roll using the Hasselblad I made a contact sheet of my negatives My first shot top left hand corner was over exposed and my bougainvillea wall was underexposed besides that I am pretty happy. I think that it is important to show your mistakes embrace them as well as learn from them. I think I will develop another roll next week. I am searching for inspiration on what I want to get out of this class but I am not exactly sure what I want yet. Nothing is standing out as far as subject matter but that could possibly be because I am over thinking. I need to let it come so I will sit with my impatience for now.


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