Roma /small adventure 13

Sunday, April 2, 2017

This was the first picture I took in Rome it was early in the morning and I was with no light meter because I decided not to bring it ha not sure that was the right choice. I know I could probably make it more acceptable in PS but I like it just the way it is. When I look at it I can remember my excitement to be back in this beautiful city.


people walking in frame crop



These photo scans are the Cinestill film I received in my backer kit If you want to know more about cinestill film here is a LINK

I made it to Italy without having to put my film through the x-ray machine unfortunately leaving Rome I was not as lucky.I am not really sure if that made any difference It does maybe look like I have light leak but I am getting that body serviced so hopefully I can retest and really find out if it was just equipment failure. Because This roll was shot in full sunlight I do not really think I fully explored this film thoroughly. I have have several rolls left that are sitting in my freezer awaiting the right moment. I will make sure I write a few more posts about the film once I really have felt I explored more with it.
(update) I just recieved some Cinestill800 120 film from processing and it was completely blank so bummed not sure if it was because it was cinestills first run or developing issues. The camera I had it in was recently fully serviced and I feel really confident it wasn't from the camera.

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