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Thursday, June 8, 2017
Hello hello 
Just wanted to mention I put a few postcards up on Etsy. All images are film and were shot with numerous cameras I have adopted and some even restored. My images are from up and down California including details of our coastlines, rivers, mountains and even some from the historic shaper's alley in Hermosa Beach.
This is my love so putting these images out was something that I hesitated on and even publishing them on Etsy I stalled for weeks. I think it is hard to create something and then put a price on it.  But when it comes to film and processing it can get costly it's an expensive habit. I try to keep the cost down by developing at home but I felt it was time to set up a shop it just made sense to try and sell a few postcards if it would help support my film habit so I can continue doing what I love.  If you would like to check out my work here is the link.  

Have a great day & thanks so much ..Vania

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